What's in a name? Basically, everything.

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Hi, I'm Anais (ahna-eese). I'm your typical Gemini sun, Virgo rising, Scorpio moon, 30-something who was blessed with superhero levels of empathy.

My parent's named me after an 80's perfume which I'm allergic to, so it shouldn't be too shocking when I say I spent my entire childhood hating my name. I hated the first day of school and any day we had substitutes. Basically, any chance to butcher my name made me anxious.

20+ years later I randomly looked up what my name meant and when I discovered Anais is the french name for the Persian Goddess of love, my whole world shifted. It had made so much sense and I truly couldn't have picked a better name to guide me towards my life's purpose.

So what is my purpose? Love. I'm here to learn about love, bring more love and to create a space where others can truly explore self-love.

Becoming the Empress is a community of people looking to explore their empress-selves. A space where you can seek, heal, and open yourself up to the abundance of self love. I'm so glad you found us, and grateful to be on this journey together.

So, what's in a name? Everything.


Becoming the Empress

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